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Lawndale Real Estate Market 2022 Recap

See all of the homes that sold in Lawndale CA in 2022

Welcome to the 2022 real estate market recap for Lawndale CA.  Overall it was a fantastic year for both the number of home sales and the prices that they sold for.

There were 111 on market condo, townhome and home sales.  The average list price was $771,623 with the average sold price at $788,704 meaning that homes generally sold at full price or higher. That did peak during the summer with the fall and winter months seeing that trend reverse and most homes selling below the listing price.

The average price per square foot was $593 and homes averaged 34 days on the market before going into escrow. Take a look below at all of the homes that sold in Lawndale.

The highest sale of the year was $1,330,000 for a large 4 bedroom single family home located at 4709 W 171St St.

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2022 Home Sales and Lawndale Home Prices

Type AddressSold Price$ Per Sq FtBed/BathSq FtAgeSold Date
SFR/D15708Rixford AVE$925,000$557.233/1,1,0,01660/A1955/ASR12/27/2022
SFR/D4627 W173rd ST$854,000$676.704/2,0,0,01262/A1928/ASR12/22/2022
SFR/D4239 W167th ST$935,000$692.593/2,0,0,01350/A1944/ASR12/9/2022
DPLX/D4757 W169th ST$735,000$462.263/2,0,0,01590/P1953/ASR12/2/2022
SFR/D4712Marine AVE$1,002,500$1,326.062/1,0,0,0756/A1952/ASR11/29/2022
SFR4040 W160TH ST$949,000$483.944/4,0,0,01961/D1916/ASR11/23/2022
SFR/D15621Prairie AVE$710,000$540.333/1,1,0,01314/A1955/ASR11/22/2022
SFR/D14718Freeman AVE$598,000$302.485/3,0,0,01977/A1952/ASR11/18/2022
SFR/D4728 W172nd ST$935,000$619.213/2,0,0,01510/A1947/ASR11/18/2022
SFR/D3707 W157th ST$948,000$913.293/1,0,0,01038/A1952/ASR11/16/2022
TWNHS/A4345W 154th Street #14$558,000$448.552/2,0,0,01244/A1984/ASR11/15/2022
SFR/D14801Eastwood AVE$720,000$625.002/1,0,0,01152/A1951/PUB11/10/2022
SFR/D4430 W171st ST$796,000$719.063/1,0,0,01107/A1956/ASR11/1/2022
SFR/D3633Manhattan Beach BLVD$775,000$705.833/1,0,0,01098/A1953/ASR10/27/2022
CONDO/A4727 W147th ST #133$535,000$617.072/2,0,0,0867/A1974/ASR10/25/2022
SFR/D15222Florwood AVE$850,000$739.772/1,0,0,01149/A1951/ASR10/20/2022
CONDO14927CONDON AVE #11$670,000$437.623/2,0,1,01531/A1985/ASR10/17/2022
SFR/D15300Mansel AVE$625,000$917.772/1,0,0,0681/A1948/ASR10/17/2022
TWNHS/A14551Larch AVE$500,000$375.662/2,0,0,01331/A1981/ASR10/14/2022
CONDO/A15111Freeman AVE #63$644,983$479.543/2,0,1,01345/A1985/ASR10/12/2022
SFR/D15236Yukon AVE$926,000$734.923/1,1,0,01260/A1977/ASR9/23/2022
SFR/D4157 W163rd ST$845,000$356.844/3,0,0,02368/A1950/ASR9/16/2022
TWNHS/A4003 W165th ST #F$567,000$427.282/3,0,0,01327/A1994/ASR9/15/2022
DPLX/D4600W 169th ST$1,000,000$685.874/2,0,1,01458/P1923/PUB9/15/2022
TWNHS/A15723Mansel AVE #6$645,000$549.873/2,0,1,01173/A1982/PUB9/13/2022
TWNHS/A15111Freeman AVE #74$660,000$490.713/2,0,1,01345/P1985/PUB9/8/2022
TWNHS4712 W149th ST$812,000$410.523/3,0,0,01978/19929/6/2022
SFR/D15337Avis AVE$525,000$337.194/2,0,0,01557/A1950/PUB9/2/2022
DPLX/D14821Mansel AVE$1,150,000$526.566/2,1,0,02184/A1922/ASR8/31/2022
CONDO/A4727147th ST #210$425,000$490.202/2,0,0,0867/E1974/ASR8/26/2022
SFR/D4036 W160th ST$859,000$596.944/2,0,0,01439/A1916/ASR8/26/2022
SFR4136 W169TH ST$521,000$586.712/1,0,0,0888/19478/23/2022
SFR/D4611 W169th ST$800,000$814.663/2,0,0,0982/A1950/ASR8/23/2022
TWNHS4176 W169th ST$975,000$459.914/4,0,0,02120/20068/18/2022
SFR/D4722 W167th ST$1,030,000$531.753/3,0,0,01937/A2003/ASR8/17/2022
DPLX/D15025Grevillea AVE$855,000$713.094/2,0,0,01199/A1995/PUB8/8/2022
SFR/D15136Gerkin Avenue$940,000$759.903/2,0,0,01237/A1951/ASR8/5/2022
SFR/D15203Yukon AVE$855,000$802.063/1,0,0,01066/A1953/ASR8/4/2022
SFR/D14716Mansel AVE$1,101,500$538.893/1,1,1,02044/A1980/PUB8/4/2022
SFR/D15506Gerkin AVE$930,000$908.203/2,0,0,01024/A1952/PUB7/27/2022
TWNHS/D4557 W170 ST$952,500$398.544/2,0,1,02390/A1991/ASR7/26/2022
SFR/D14409MANSEL AVE$880,000$325.934/3,0,0,02700/OTH19917/22/2022
SFR/D14318Mansel AVE$780,000$410.533/3,0,0,01900/A1983/ASR7/22/2022
SFR/D15206Doty AVE$1,100,000$669.513/2,0,0,01643/A1951/ASR7/21/2022
SFR/D14800Kingsdale AVE$881,800$493.733/2,0,0,01786/A1979/PUB7/21/2022
SFR/A4444 W162nd ST$560,000$833.332/1,0,0,0672/A1948/PUB7/13/2022
SFR/D15014Mansel AVE$910,800$398.953/2,0,1,02283/A1983/ASR7/11/2022
CONDO/A4727 W147th ST #241$490,000$521.832/1,0,1,0939/A1974/ASR7/6/2022
TWNHS/D4167 W166th ST$1,005,000$420.504/3,0,1,02390/A2007/ASR7/6/2022
SFR4523 W167TH ST$720,000$772.532/1,0,1,0932/A1941/ASR7/5/2022
CONDO/A14539Larch AVE$632,000$454.023/2,0,0,01392/A1981/ASR6/30/2022
CONDO4633MARINE AVE #142$375,000$588.701/1,0,0,0637/19736/29/2022
SFR/D4727 W162nd ST$765,000$800.212/1,0,0,0956/A1947/ASR6/27/2022
CONDO4727 W147TH ST #209$530,000$611.302/2,0,0,0867/19746/24/2022
SFR/D3707 W157th ST$850,000$818.883/1,0,0,01038/A1952/ASR6/16/2022
CONDO/A4633Marine AVE #147$383,000$601.261/1,0,0,0637/A1973/ASR6/16/2022
SFR/D15426Cordary AVE$1,260,000$534.355/2,1,0,02358/A1952/ASR6/14/2022
SFR/D14727Kingsdale AVE$779,000$468.713/2,0,0,01662/A1979/ASR6/10/2022
CONDO/A4165Manhattan Beach BLVD$700,000$500.362/2,0,0,01399/A1978/PUB6/3/2022
TWNHS/A4057 W147th ST #101$780,000$462.913/3,0,0,01685/A1995/ASR6/1/2022
CONDO/A15111Freeman AVE #72$728,000$531.783/2,0,1,01369/A1985/ASR5/27/2022
TWNHS/D4734 W171st ST$975,000$542.874/2,0,1,01796/T2007/ASR5/27/2022
SFR/D15223Kornblum AVE$932,000$725.292/1,0,0,01285/A1951/ASR5/23/2022
SFR/D4036 W161st St.$700,000$437.503/1,0,0,01600/E1947/ASR5/20/2022
SFR/D14721Kingsdale AVE$775,000$447.723/2,0,0,01731/A1978/PUB5/19/2022
TWNHS/A15111Freeman AVE #73$682,000$498.173/1,1,1,01369/A1985/PUB5/13/2022
TWNHS/A14927Condon AVE #9$735,000$480.083/2,0,1,01531/A1985/ASR5/13/2022
SFR/D14518Kingsdale AVE$775,000$415.103/2,0,1,01867/A1982/ASR5/3/2022
TWNHS/D15616Firmona ave$800,088$435.073/2,0,1,01839/A2002/ASR4/29/2022
SFR/D16617Prairie AVE$910,000$348.394/2,0,0,02612/A1910/ASR4/29/2022
SFR/D15512Florwood AVE$1,125,000$740.623/2,0,0,01519/A1952/PUB4/27/2022
CONDO/A4633Marine AVE #118$376,000$590.271/1,0,0,0637/A1973/ASR4/25/2022
TWNHS/D4349 W171st ST$1,039,000$583.713/4,0,0,01780/B2020/PUB4/22/2022
TWNHS/A14916Condon AVE #4$740,000$471.943/2,0,1,01568/A1984/ASR4/20/2022
SFR/D3760 W156th ST$1,240,000$683.954/2,0,1,01813/A1952/ASR4/15/2022
SFR/D4033 W160th ST$689,000$411.343/3,0,0,01675/A1942/ASR4/15/2022
SFR/D15132Cordary AVE$927,500$834.833/2,0,0,01111/A1951/ASR4/12/2022
CONDO/A4727 W147th ST #231$515,000$594.002/2,0,0,0867/A1974/ASR4/12/2022
SFR/D14826Mansel Ave$704,000$506.474/1,0,1,01390/P1958/PUB4/8/2022
SFR/D14909Mansel AVE$825,000$747.283/1,1,0,01104/A1939/ASR4/7/2022
SFR14716MANSEL AVE$775,000$379.163/2,0,1,02044/A1980/ASR4/4/2022
SFR/D4050 W162nd ST$900,000$557.623/2,0,0,01614/A1950/ASR4/1/2022
SFR4125 W162ND ST$788,500$890.962/1,0,0,0885/A1934/ASR3/31/2022
SFR/D15333Kornblum AVE$770,000$747.572/1,0,0,01030/A1951/ASR3/30/2022
SFR/D4624 W160th ST$700,000$684.263/1,0,0,01023/A1956/ASR3/30/2022
SFR/D4147 W162nd ST$800,000$404.655/4,0,0,01977/A1954/ASR3/30/2022
SFR/D4623 W169th ST$930,000$810.103/1,0,0,01148/A1942/ASR3/29/2022
SFR/D4017 W160th ST$650,000$820.712/1,0,0,0792/A1939/ASR3/25/2022
SFR4425 W171St ST$765,000$814.703/1,0,0,0939/A1952/ASR3/25/2022
SFR/D4714 W159th ST$765,000$725.813/2,0,0,01054/A1948/ASR3/24/2022
SFR/D4548 W156th ST$664,000$618.253/2,0,0,01074/A1956/ASR3/22/2022
DPLX/D14911Mansel AVE$910,000$458.675/3,0,0,01984/A1955/PUB3/21/2022
SFR/D15607Florwood AVE$890,000$837.253/1,0,0,01063/A1952/ASR3/16/2022
SFR/D15004Mansel AVE$1,100,000$512.343/2,0,1,02147/A1980/ASR3/14/2022
SFR/D15312Cranbrook AVE$777,000$693.753/1,0,0,01120/A1953/ASR3/11/2022
CONDO/A4633Marine AVE #159$460,000$499.462/2,0,0,0921/A1973/ASR3/11/2022
SFR/D4319 W167th ST$795,000$612.953/1,0,0,01297/A1944/PUB3/2/2022
SFR/A15506Gerkin AVE$750,000$732.423/1,0,0,01024/A1952/ASR2/28/2022
SFR/D15824Freeman AVE$730,000$800.443/1,0,0,0912/A1947/PUB2/23/2022
CONDO/A4727W.147th street,# 242$445,000$473.912/2,0,0,0939/A1974/ASR2/16/2022
SFR/D15119Doty AVE$955,000$593.543/2,0,0,01609/A1951/ASR2/15/2022
DPLX/A4058 W161st ST$750,000$679.352/2,0,0,01104/A1952/ASR2/11/2022
SFR/D4562 W165th ST$750,000$833.333/2,0,0,0900/A1948/ASR2/7/2022
SFR/D14808Kingsdale AVE$622,000$564.433/2,0,0,01102/A1961/ASR2/4/2022
SFR/D14316Kingsdale AVE$631,000$922.512/2,0,0,0684/A1948/ASR1/31/2022
TWNHS/A15111Freeman AVE #49$667,000$478.143/3,0,0,01395/A1985/ASR1/26/2022
SFR4709 W171St ST$1,330,000$404.994/2,0,0,03284/2007/ASR1/19/2022
SFR/D4604 W166th ST$860,000$422.405/2,1,0,02036/A1958/ASR1/18/2022
SFR/D15910Firmona AVE$650,000$624.403/1,0,0,01041/A1924/ASR1/14/2022
DPLX/A15015Osage AVE$1,050,000$336.546/4,0,0,03120/P1983/PUB1/11/2022
Lawndale flipped homes

9 November Home Sales in Lawndale

November 2022 home sales in Lawndale

See all of the homes that sold last month

Take a look at the properties that sold in  Lawndale CA during the month of November 2022. It was a slower month in terms of the number of homes that sold but prices were inpressive. There were 9 on MLS home sales during the month compared with 7 in October. The average “list” price was $815,167 with the average sold price of $801,833 which was up considerably from the avereage price of $657,140 in October and $747,500 in September. The average price per foot was $664and homes averaged 35 days on market before going into escrow. See how the September real estate market in Lawndale compared with other months on our real estate trends page.
Three Sixty South Bay townhomes for sale

November 2022 Property sales and home prices in Lawndale

Home Type Address Price $ Per Foot Bed/Bath Sq Feet Year Built
SFR/D 3707 W 157th ST $948,000 $913.29 3/1,0,0,0 1038/A 1952/ASR
TWNHS/A 4345 W 154th Street #14 $558,000 $448.55 2/2,0,0,0 1244/A 1984/ASR
SFR/D 14718 Freeman AVE $598,000 $302.48 5/3,0,0,0 1977/A 1952/ASR
SFR/D 15621 Prairie AVE $710,000 $540.33 3/1,1,0,0 1314/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 4712 Marine AVE $1,002,500 $1,326.06 2/1,0,0,0 756/A 1952/ASR
SFR/D 14801 Eastwood AVE $720,000 $625.00 2/1,0,0,0 1152/A 1951/PUB
SFR/D 4430 W 171st ST $796,000 $719.06 3/1,0,0,0 1107/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 4728 W 172nd ST $935,000 $619.21 3/2,0,0,0 1510/A 1947/ASR
SFR 4040 W 160TH ST $949,000 $483.94 4/4,0,0,0 1961/D 1916/ASR
luxury Lawndale homes for sale

See the September Home Sales in Lawndale California

September home sales in Lawndale

See all of the homes that sold last month

Take a look at the homes that closed escrow in the South Bay city of Lawndale CA during the month of September 2022. It was a bit of a down month in terms of both the number of homes that sold as well as sold home prices. There were 8 on MLS home sales during the month. The average “list” price was $764,375 with the average sold price of $747,500 which was down considerably from August. The average price per foot was $499 . See how the September real estate market in Lawndale compared with other months on our real estate trends page.
luxury Lawndale homes for sale

September 2022 Property sales and home prices in Lawndale

Type AddressPrice$ Per footBed/BathSq FeetYear
SFR/D15236Yukon AVE$926,000$7353/1,1,0,01260/A1977/ASR
SFR/D15337Avis AVE$525,000$3374/2,0,0,01557/A1950/PUB
TWNHS/A15723Mansel AVE #6$645,000$5503/2,0,1,01173/A1982/PUB
TWNHS/A15111Freeman AVE #74$660,000$4913/2,0,1,01345/P1985/PUB
TWNHS4712 W149th ST$812,000$4113/3,0,0,01978/1992
TWNHS/A4003 W165th ST #F$567,000$4272/3,0,0,01327/A1994/ASR
SFR/D4157 W163rd ST$845,000$3574/3,0,0,02368/A1950/ASR
DPLX/D4600W 169th ST$1,000,000$6864/2,0,1,01458/P1923/PUB
Lawndale duplexes

Lawndale Duplex Sells a Cool $100K Over the List Price

4600 W 169th Street, Lawndale, CA 90260

Lawndale Duplex the Top Sale of September At a Cool $1,000,000

Surprisingly the top home sale of the month for September 2022 was not in the El Camino neighborhood.  The top sale was actually a very nice duplex with two 2 bedroom individual units.   

The property sold over $100K more than the original list price of $899,000.

The total square footage was 1,458 on a nice sized 5,800 foot lot located just a block from Redondo Beach.  This was a corner lot just across the street from William Green Park.

Search the current homes for sale in Lawndale

Lawndale duplexes

4600 W 169th St Info

  • 4 total bedrooms
  • 2.5 bathroom
  • 1,458 square feet
  • Built in 1923 but extensively remodled
  • 2 freestanding 2 bedroom homes
  • Sold at $1,000,000
  • Listed by Diana Francisco – 3 Leaf Realty Inc – 310-546-6300
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4600 W 169th St, Lawndale 90260

Charts and paperwork

Lawndale Real Estate Tax Information and Helpful Links

California and Lawndale Real Estate Tax Information and Helpful Links

Whether you plan on living in your home forever, or you are interested in real estate simply as an investment, knowledge about the tax implications and benefits is critical. Know how real estate tax laws impact you can save you thousands of dollars. Some of the more common tax situations are included below. These are just references and a qualified CPA should always be consulted.

Homeowners Exemption

Property value reduced by $7000 a year.  Find out how you can file for this exemption and lower your property tax base just a little….every little bit helps.

Capital Gains Tax Information

Pay no Capital Gains up to $500,000 every two years.  This is one of the best ways to avoid paying capital gains tax that we know of.

Common Ways of Holding Title

How You Take Ownership is a very important decision…see our chart for the various ways you can take and hold title on real estate and what it means in terms of tax and ownership consequences.

Charts and paperwork

Property Taxes

Know the Tax Schedule

1031 Exchange Information

Defer capital gains taxes on income property

Prop 19

This proposition eliminated and expanded some of the prior propositions noted below.  Proposition 19 is a California amendment that imposes new limits on property tax benefits for inherited family property. Under Proposition 19, a child or children may keep the lower property tax base of the parent(s) ONLY if the property is the principal residence of the parent(s) and the child or children make it their principal residence within one year.

Prop 13

General Info on Property Tax in California

Prop 60/Prop 90 Information

One time transfer of current property tax base for homebuyers over 55.  This is the older law and replaced by proposition 19.

Prop 58 and 193

Reassessment Exclusion for Real Property Transfers: Between Parent and Child or Grandparent to Grandchild.  This is the older law and replaced by proposition 19.

Torrance craftsman homes for sale

Lawndale CA Home Sales in July

Lawndale CA home sales and home prices

July 2022 Real Estate Recap

Take a look at the homes that closed escrow in the South Bay city of Lawndale CA during the month of July 2022.

It was a solid month in terms of both the number of homes that sold as well as sold home prices.

There were 10 on MLS home sales during the month.

The average “list” price was $831,280 with the average sold price of $833,010 meaning that homes generally slightly above the “asking” price.
The average price per foot was $582

See how the July real estate market in Lawndale compared with other months on our real estate trends page.

Torrance craftsman homes for sale

July 2022 Property sales and home prices in Lawndale

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear
SFR/D15506Gerkin AVE$930,000$9083/2,0,0,01024/A1952/PUB
SFR/D15206Doty AVE$1,100,000$6703/2,0,0,01643/A1951/ASR
CONDO/A4727 W147th ST #241$490,000$5222/1,0,1,0939/A1974/ASR
SFR/D14800Kingsdale AVE$881,800$4943/2,0,0,01786/A1979/PUB
SFR/D15014Mansel AVE$910,800$3993/2,0,1,02283/A1983/ASR
SFR4523 W167TH ST$720,000$7732/1,0,1,0932/A1941/ASR
TWNHS/D4557 W170 ST$952,500$3994/2,0,1,02390/A1991/ASR
TWNHS/D4167 W166th ST$1,005,000$4214/3,0,1,02390/A2007/ASR
SFR/A4444 W162nd ST$560,000$8332/1,0,0,0672/A1948/PUB
SFR/D14318Mansel AVE$780,000$4113/3,0,0,01900/A1983/ASR



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