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Bodger Park and El Camino Village Home Prices in 2022

El Camino Village and Bodger Parket Real Estate Recap - 2022 by the Numbers

Welcome to the 2022 year in review for the El Camino Village and Bodger Park real estate market.   El Camino Village is a small neighborhood in  Lawndale and Gardena and Bodger Park is a very similar adjacent neighborhood in Hawthorne CA.  Overall it was a fantastic year for both the number of home sales and the prices that they sold for.

There were 64 on market condo, townhome and home sales.  34 of the homes that sold were in El Camino Village with the other 30 in Bodger Park.

The average list price was $842,744 with the average sold price at $882,760 meaning that homes generally sold at full price or higher. The average dollar per square foot price was $684.  Homes were only on the market for an incredible 19 days on average before going into escrow. Take a look below at all of the homes that sold in Lawndale.

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2022 Home Sales in El Camino Village and Bodger Park in Lawndale, Gardena and Hawthorne

Type AddressCitySold Price$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
SFR/D3264Garden LNHAWT$785,000$4973/2,0,1,01578/A2001/ASR12/19/2022
SFR/D3163 W152nd STGR$850,000$6854/2,0,0,01240/B1944/ASR12/9/2022
SFR/D3646 W146th STHAWT$850,000$6853/1,0,0,01240/A1951/ASR11/18/2022
TWNHS/A3134 W145th ST #6GR$565,000$4643/2,0,1,01217/A1983/ASR11/16/2022
SFR/D14550Bodger AVEHAWT$860,000$6193/2,0,0,01390/A1953/PUB11/16/2022
SFR/D3707 W157th STLAWN$948,000$9133/1,0,0,01038/A1952/ASR11/16/2022
SFR/D14506Cordary AVEHAWT$850,000$5463/2,0,0,01558/A1952/ASR11/15/2022
SFR/D3827 W144th PLHAWT$961,000$4894/2,0,0,01967/A1952/ASR11/10/2022
SFR/A14917Bodger AVEHAWT$920,000$5763/2,0,0,01597/A1952/ASR11/9/2022
SFR/D14921Fonthill AVEHAWT$849,900$7893/1,0,0,01077/A1952/ASR11/2/2022
SFR/D14533Fonthill AveHAWT$880,000$5373/2,0,0,01639/A1952/ASR11/2/2022
SFR/D3633Manhattan Beach BLVDLAWN$775,000$7063/1,0,0,01098/A1953/ASR10/27/2022
SFR/D3152 W157th STGR$1,325,000$4435/3,0,0,02994/A1951/ASR10/26/2022
SFR/D3704 W146th STHAWT$735,000$7263/1,0,0,01012/A1951/ASR10/25/2022
SFR/D15222Florwood AVELAWN$850,000$7402/1,0,0,01149/A1951/ASR10/20/2022
SFR/D15236Yukon AVELAWN$926,000$7353/1,1,0,01260/A1977/ASR9/23/2022
SFR/D14807Bodger AVEHAWT$975,000$8803/1,1,0,01108/A1952/EST9/21/2022
SFR/D3502 W157th STGR$825,000$8043/1,0,0,01026/A1947/ASR9/12/2022
SFR/D15309Patronella AVEGR$799,000$7933/1,0,0,01008/A1947/ASR8/18/2022
SFR/D14636Fonthill AVEHAWT$933,000$5334/2,0,0,01749/AP1952/ASR8/18/2022
SFR/A3352Marine AVEGR$720,000$6343/1,0,0,01136/A1944/ASR8/12/2022
TWNHS14431Chadron AVE #26HAWT$550,000$4543/1,0,1,01212/19858/11/2022
SFR/D14825Cranbrook AVEHAWT$1,100,000$5984/2,1,0,01838/A1952/PUB8/10/2022
CONDO/A14405Cerise AVE #10HAWT$425,000$5202/2,0,0,0817/A1985/ASR8/5/2022
SFR/D15136Gerkin AvenueLAWN$940,000$7603/2,0,0,01237/A1951/ASR8/5/2022
SFR/D3217 W152nd STGR$855,000$7502/1,1,0,01140/A1944/ASR8/4/2022
SFR/D15203Yukon AVELAWN$855,000$8023/1,0,0,01066/A1953/ASR8/4/2022
SFR/D15506Gerkin AVELAWN$930,000$9083/2,0,0,01024/A1952/PUB7/27/2022
SFR/D3168 W157th STGR$860,000$7713/1,0,0,01116/A1952/ASR7/26/2022
SFR/D15206Doty AVELAWN$1,100,000$6703/2,0,0,01643/A1951/ASR7/21/2022
SFR/D3223 W152nd PLGR$925,000$7233/2,0,0,01280/A1947/ASR7/12/2022
SFR/D14906Fonthill AVEHAWT$900,000$8473/1,0,0,01063/A1952/ASR7/6/2022
SFR/D15005Cranbrook AVEHAWT$880,000$5484/2,0,0,01605/P1952/PUB6/29/2022
SFR14432Cottage LNHAWT$800,000$5073/3,0,0,01578/20016/28/2022
SFR/D14915Fonthill AVEHAWT$975,000$9173/1,0,0,01063/A1952/ASR6/23/2022
SFR/D3707 W157th STLAWN$850,000$8193/1,0,0,01038/A1952/ASR6/16/2022
SFR/D15426Cordary AVELAWN$1,260,000$5345/2,1,0,02358/A1952/ASR6/14/2022
SFR/D15617Ermanita AveGR$935,000$7164/1,1,0,01305/A1946/ASR6/6/2022
SFR/D15427Patronella AVEGR$925,000$9183/1,0,0,01008/A1947/PUB6/2/2022
TWNHS/A3129Marine Ave #4GR$550,000$4962/1,0,1,01110/A1979/ASR5/27/2022
SFR/D14915Gerkin AVEHAWT$786,700$7633/1,0,0,01031/A1952/ASR5/26/2022
SFR/D15223Kornblum AVELAWN$932,000$7252/1,0,0,01285/A1951/ASR5/23/2022
SFR/D14709Bodger AVEHAWT$1,150,000$7663/2,0,0,01502/O1952/ASR5/23/2022
TWNHS3263Garden LNHAWT$610,000$4433/3,0,0,01376/20015/11/2022
SFR/D14927Florwood AVEHAWT$851,550$8013/1,0,0,01063/A1952/ASR5/9/2022
SFR/D3148 W153rd STGR$961,000$6073/2,0,0,01584/P19445/5/2022
SFR/D3609146th STHAWT$900,000$5573/2,0,0,01615/A1951/ASR4/28/2022
SFR/D15512Florwood AVELAWN$1,125,000$7413/2,0,0,01519/A1952/PUB4/27/2022
SFR/D3835 W147th PLHAWT$920,000$6474/2,0,0,01423/A1952/ASR4/21/2022
SFR/D3760 W156th STLAWN$1,240,000$6844/2,0,1,01813/A1952/ASR4/15/2022
SFR15518Falda AVEGR$1,070,000$7943/1,1,0,01347/19584/13/2022
SFR/D15132Cordary AVELAWN$927,500$8353/2,0,0,01111/A1951/ASR4/12/2022
SFR/D3841 W147th PLHAWT$1,100,000$9053/1,1,0,01216/P19524/5/2022
SFR/D15333Kornblum AVELAWN$770,000$7482/1,0,0,01030/A1951/ASR3/30/2022
SFR3618 W144TH PLHAWT$1,000,000$7103/2,0,0,01408/19513/23/2022
SFR/D15607Florwood AVELAWN$890,000$8373/1,0,0,01063/A1952/ASR3/16/2022
CONDO14514Yukon AVEHAWT$740,000$4263/3,0,0,01737/19813/1/2022
SFR/D3129 W154th STGR$741,000$8572/1,0,0,0865/A1943/ASR2/28/2022
SFR/A15506Gerkin AVELAWN$750,000$7323/1,0,0,01024/A1952/ASR2/28/2022
SFR/D14920Doty AVEHAWT$860,000$7093/1,1,0,01213/A1952/ASR2/15/2022
SFR/D15119Doty AVELAWN$955,000$5943/2,0,0,01609/A1951/ASR2/15/2022
SFR/D3843 W146th STHAWT$815,000$8053/1,0,0,01013/A1952/ASR2/4/2022
SFR/A15436Ermanita AVEGR$985,000$7333/2,0,0,01344/A1946/ASR2/4/2022
CONDO/A3225Marine AVE #1GR$620,000$3643/3,0,0,01701/A1984/ASR2/3/2022
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See the El Camino Village and Bodger Park Home Prices for July

July 2022 home sales and prices for El Camino Village and Bodger Park

it was a solid month for home sales and home prices in the neighborhoods of El Camino Village and Bodger Park during July. These neighborhoods are located in Lawndale, Gardena and Hawthorne. There were 5 properties that closed escrow during the month.

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The average “list” price for the month was $919,580 with the aveerage sales price being $943,000 meaning that homes generally sold higher than the list price. The average price per foot was a very impressive $783 and homes averaged a very short 11 days on the market before going into escrow

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El Camino Village and Bodger Park July Home Sales

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear
SFR/D3168 W157th ST – Gardena$860,000$7713/1,0,0,01116/A1952/ASR
SFR/D14906Fonthill AVE – Hawthorne$900,000$8473/1,0,0,01063/A1952/ASR
SFR/D3223 W152nd PL Gardena$925,000$7233/2,0,0,01280/A1947/ASR
SFR/D15506Gerkin AVE – Lawndale$930,000$9083/2,0,0,01024/A1952/PUB
SFR/D15206Doty AVE – Lawndale$1,100,000$6703/2,0,0,01643/A1951/ASR
El Camino Village in Lawndale

3760 W 156th Street – El Camino Village Home Sells for $1,240,000

3760 w 156th Street - Top Sale of the month

El Camino Village home closes at $1.24M

The top home sale of the month in Lawndale CA was not surprisingly in the charming neighborhood of El Camino Village.  The market in this smalll pocket of Lawndale has been on fire.

What is surprising is the price.  3760 156th Street closing at $1,240,000 absolutely shattered the previous price record.

Having said that the home was significantly different from most homes in the area.  Offering 4 bedrooms and 3 baths with over 1,800 square feet, the home was extensively updated, remodeled and expanded and barely resembled the original 1952 beach bungalow. compared with some other recent record breakers.  3760 w 156th was a corner lot single family home that was significantly larger than it would appear from the street.

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El Camino Village in Lawndale

3760 W 156th Info

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathroom
  • 1,813 square feet
  • Built in 1952 but extensively remodeled and expanded
  • Corner lot location
  • Sold at $1,240,000
  • Listed by Randall Porizek & Kevin Porizek – Century 21 Union Realty – 310-371-6330

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3760 W 156th Street, Lawndale, CA 90260

El Camino Village homes in Lawndale

El Camino Village Home Sales in February

Welcome to the real estate recap for El Camino Village and Bodger Park in February.  Below are the homes that sold in the neighborhoods of El Camino Village and Bodger Park during February. These neighborhoods are located in Lawndale, Gardena and Hawthorne. There were 7 total home sales during the month.  View the current homes for sale in El Camino Village and Bodger Park.

El Camino Village and Bodger Park Home Sales during February 2022

Home Type Address Price $ Per Sq Ft Beds/Baths Sq Feet Year Built Close Date
CONDO/A 3225 Marine AVE #1 $620,000 $364.49 3/3,0,0,0 1701/A 1984/ASR 2/3/2022
SFR/D 3129 W 154th ST $741,000 $856.65 2/1,0,0,0 865/A 1943/ASR 2/28/2022
SFR/A 15436 Ermanita AVE $985,000 $732.89 3/2,0,0,0 1344/A 1946/ASR 2/4/2022
SFR/D 3843 W 146th ST $815,000 $804.54 3/1,0,0,0 1013/A 1952/ASR 2/4/2022
SFR/D 14920 Doty AVE $860,000 $708.99 3/1,1,0,0 1213/A 1952/ASR 2/15/2022
SFR/A 15506 Gerkin AVE $750,000 $732.42 3/1,0,0,0 1024/A 1952/ASR 2/28/2022
SFR/D 15119 Doty AVE $955,000 $593.54 3/2,0,0,0 1609/A 1951/ASR 2/15/2022



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